Wednesday, 28 November 2018

PA Football League

Gainsborough took part in the ongoing Primary Advantage football league yesterday.

Both A team and B team done their upmost best to make sure that they came out with positive results in such terrible rainy weather. A team were able to make a dent in SJSJ's A teams perfect record by beating them. Our B team started a bit shaky but were able to win and then draw their next two games.

Wait here to for update of the league table...


This week in PE the Year 5 and 6 are working on advance balances such as shoulder and head stands and finding ways to link it to a roll.

We have had a few students able to create a mini routine using the advance moves and became assistant coach within the lessons to help others.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Mi monstruo tiene - My monster has got

In year 1 Doves, we played: 'Mi monstruo tiene..' (My monster has got...) 
We described a monster using numbers and the parts of the face.

Mi monstruo tiene + number + part of the face

Here you can follow the instructions:

Mi monstruo tiene tres ojos,
Mi monstruo tiene diez orejas.
Mi monstruo tiene seis narices,
Mi monstruo tiene dos bocas.

The parts of the face

This term in Reception we have been learning the parts of the face:

-Ojos (eyes)
-Orejas (ears)
-Boca (mouth)
-Nariz (nose)

We played Simón dice (Simon says) with all the words that we learnt:

Los ojos

La oreja

La oreja

 La boca

La nariz

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Pen Pal letters

Hola a todos!

Today we have started our  Pen Pal project.

This year we are going to partner to a school called CEIP Esperanza, based in Madrid.

Year 1 students were so excited writing their letters to Primero (year 1) in Spain.

We told our friends in Spain about our name, age and favorite colours in Spanish.

Hasta pronto!