Thursday, 29 March 2018

Year 4 inventors

Gainsborough Inventors

Year 4 have become inventors by creating their own robot to help with school work.
This should make life easier!!!

We Designed

We designed a robot to help with school work, it needed to be smart, movable and hardworking.

We Created

We made a prototype

We Explained

We wrote an explanation text to explain exactly how each feature of our high tech robot worked. 

We Persuaded

We persuaded an audience that our robot was without a doubt the best! It is going to change the way we work!

End of term in Year Two

In Year Two we had some exciting end of term activities.

We had an Easter egg hunt to fill up our Easter baskets. We had to search hard in the classroom to find the hidden eggs!

We also made Tornadoes in a bottle to celebrate the end of our Weather Topic.

Happy Easter everyone! 

Shell Observation Drawings

Drawing from observation is a real skill to master. In Year One this term we have been really looking at objects in order to represent them in our drawing. We have been remembering to use the mantra 'SEE, not 'think see'' to urge us to look at line, shape, texture and form when we draw.

These are our initial shell sketches using Posca paint pens to show the texture of the shells.

We are now all meeting the  fundamental Art skills for drawing from observation.

Next we experimented with mark marking on a range of surfaces. Well done Year 1 artists!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Hockney Weather Collage

Year 2 have been making collages inspired by the artist David Hockney. Hockney makes art about the world around him and has captured weather and the patterns of water in his painting. We learnt about the ways Hockney has represented water in pattern and then we used this learning to make our own repeated water patterns before creating a composition working in three dimensions to replicate ripples and the movement of water. We are proud of our work and have achieved the Collage Fundamental skill for Art this term! Well done Owls and Hawks!
Jayson made patterns in three different ways!

Yasmin was inspired by Hockney's swimming pool painting

Akeem recreated the ripples from Hockney's painting

Myiah is so proud of her skillful patterns!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Year Two Trip to Kew Gardens 22/3/18

Today Year Two visited Kew Gardens. We have been learning all about climates around the world and seasonal changes in the UK.

We went into the tropical palm house. It was so hot and muggy we had to take off our coats!

We climbed all the way to the top and pretended we were explorers in the jungle.

We went to the Princess of Wales conservatory and saw plants from around the world. 

We were especially excited to see that Spring is on its way in the UK as well. 

We had a fantastic time! 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

School Band

This term we have started a school band.  It is growing every week! We are getting a lot better at playing in time together. 

We have been able to start this band thanks to the Mayor's Music Award, which we received before Christmas.  With the award, we have purchased new instruments for the school and more children are now learning to play an instrument.  

We are looking forward to next week's rehearsal. 

Giving directions in Spanish

If you go to Spain during the Easter holidays, you do not need to worry about getting lost!

Year 5 have been practicing how to ask and give simple directions in Spanish!

Gira a la derecha: turn right

Gira a la izquierda: turn left

Go straight ahead: todo recto

Monday, 19 March 2018

Science Week

Last week children across the school completed exciting DT challenges for British Science Week. These were linked to the Topics we have been learning about in school. 

In Year One we made boats to link to our Topic Oceans and Seas. First we did some experiments to see what would float or sink and to select the correct materials to make our boats. Then we designed and made our balloon-powered boats. 

We tested our boats on the Canal to see how far they would float!

In Year Two we made and tested Kites to link to our Topic Weather. We selected sugar paper because it is strong and flexible material that would lift up in the wind.

Luckily it was a windy day so our Kites flew beautifully.

In Year Three we made Rockets to link to our topic Explorers and Adventurers. 
First we conducted experiments to see how forces would power a Rocket. 

Then we designed and made our Rockets using recycled materials.

We tested our Rockets outside. They were powered using a chemical reaction between bicarbonate of Soda and vinigar.

We had to keep refining our mixture to make our Rockets lift off!

In Year Four we completed an Egg-Drop challenge. We had to design and make a device to protect an egg dropped from a height. This was linked to our Topic Inventions and Machines. 

We worked collaboratively to design our Egg Drop machine. 

   We selected materials to make our Egg Drop device. We had to think about how to protect an egg and create air resistance so it would float down slowly. 

We tested our Egg Drop device by dropping it from a height. 

Some of our eggs survived! Others weren't so lucky!