Thursday, 7 February 2019

Spring 1

This term in Gainsborough, KS2 have been learning Tag Rugby for PE. Every child has put in some great performances.

First week they were taught how to tag and defend together by playing a wonderful game of warriors and family tag being fundamental warm ups. Second week they learned how to pass by breaking down the passes and giving each motion of the pass a stage. Third week they learned how to move with the ball by running into space and getting closer to the try line. Fourth week they were able to apply the skills in mini matches, 3 v 3, this allowed them to have much playing time which improved their ability within the matches. Fifth week, they played more mini matches 3 v 3 but including a lot of the rules slowly through the course of PE and thinking about their tactics within the game. The sixth and final week the children will be playing 7 a side games, this will give them the best opportunity to show all the skills they have learned.

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